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About Dino Jump

Dino Jump is a classic endless runner game created by Pixeljam of Dino Run fame. In this early release version, navigate your Baby Rex, Pterodactyl, or Parasaur through different biomes all the while using your jumping and flying skills to avoid obstacles along the way. Multiple power-ups are available as you progress through the game to help you on your journey. Run and fly as far as possible!

Dino Jump was inspired by the classic Google Dinosaur Game. Soon to be available on your favorite mobile device with more dinosaurs, more biomes, and many other extras.

Power Ups

Shield: Smash through a single obstacle of your choice.

Double Jump: Press the jump key while in the air for an extra jump for a limited amount of time.

Super Jump: Warp ahead an entire game screen, while running or flying. Tip: while running with this power-up you must press the jump key to activate. During your super jump, your dino has an extra jump which can be utilized to land precisely where you want and avoid landing on an obstacle.